Hooray to all the bgirls #internationalwomen’sday

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8th of march is the official international women’s day. A day to celebrate how far women have come a long way, but also a reminder of what we can still achieve!

The breaking community is a prime example where  women are still a minority among the huge numbers of bboys. We heard stories about back in the days when bgirls were not allowed to battle …  true or not, the fact that this is something I do not find completely absurd, says enough I guess…

So from back in the days were one bgirl in a crew was something very special to crews like body carnival in which 2 bgirls are part of the group. The level of bgirls is no joke anymore – It is not completely unusual to see a bgirl doing flares or airflares.

To celebrate all this bgirlsessions released a tribute to all the bgirls in the world: enjoy!